Life Assurance

Reliable life insurance advice in Sedgley, Dudley

Alpha Financial Services specialises in providing quality life insurance advice to corporate and individual clients in Sedgley, Dudley and other areas in the West Midlands.
Our experienced staff ensure that you get the maximum benefit when you opt for a life insurance policy. 

We can help you secure the future of your family

The aim of life cover is to provide money for people who financially depend on you when you have passed away. If there is no one who will be financially distressed by your death, life assurance is probably not an essential priority, though there are other reasons why it may still be useful. At Alpha Financial Services, we care for your family and that is why we help you obtain the best life insurance policy available. You can also come to us to make use of our pensions advice in Sedgley, Dudley and other locations across the West Midlands.
Accident covering insurance

Accident covering insurance

If you were in a fatal traffic accident tomorrow, would your dependents find it difficult to meet their financial commitments? If the answer to this is "yes", then we would look to discuss your insurance needs in order to ensure that your dependents are properly catered for. We don't believe that anyone should take unnecessary risks with their finances, or their dependents. 
Insurance for fatal illness

Insurance for fatal illness

If a critical illness diagnosis occurs, would your mortgage be cleared if you were to be diagnosed with cancer or heart disease? What would the effect be on your lifestyle if you were to be off work sick for months or even years? We can advise you on all forms of cover, and we may even look to set up plans in trust to protect children and also to provide guarantees. For more details, talk to us now
For quality advice on life insurance, call Alpha Financial Services on 
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We serve Sedgley in Dudley.
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